Conference Organisation

The event is coordinated by Violaine Lemay (President of the 6th Annual IIAPC Conference), Dr. Pavel Hamet (President of the Advisory Committee), and Dr. Johanne Tremblay (President of the Scientific Committee).

AIICM 2015

(from left to right) Pavel Hamet, Chair of the Advisory Committee and member of the IIAPC Administrative Committee ; Johanne Tremblay, Chair of the Scientific Committee; Violaine Lemay, Chair of the Conference and Director of the IIAPC, Canadian Division; Benoît Moore, Dean of the Faculty of Law; Chantal Pharand, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Hélène Boisjoly, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Catherine Régis, Member of the Scientific Committee and Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Culture in Health and Law Policy.


Advisory committee

  • Pavel Hamet (UofM), Chair
  • Jacques Turgeon (UofM/Director of CHUM)
  • Catherine Garnier, Founder and IIAPC International President
  • Vittorio Sironi (UMilan/Director of the Italian Division of the IIAPC)
  • Violaine Lemay (UofM/Director of the Canadian Division of the IIAPC)

Scientific Committee

  • Johanne Tremblay (UofM), Chair
  • Marie-Ève Blackburn (Ph.D. SHA), Vice-Chair
  • Valérie Tourjman (UofM) — Biomedicine
  • Simon De Denus (UofM)— Pharma
  • Edith Salès-Wuillemin (U Paris 8)—Human Sciences
  • Catherine Régis (UofM)— Law and Ethics
  • Violaine Lemay (UofM)—Interdisciplinariry Issues

Organising Committee

  • Violaine Lemay (UofM), Chair
  • Elisabeth Lanctôt (UofM), Vice-Chair and Delegate in Charge of Professional Affairs
  • Benjamin Prud’homme (Robinson Sheppard Shapiro), Delegate in Charge of Legal and Accounting Affairs
  • Wiem Ben Gaied, Delegate in Charge of Communications


Should you have any questions concerning the event, please contact us.


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