Revue internationale sur le médicament (RIM)

The RIM is the result of a collaborative effort by researchers from a variety of disciplines ranging from the biological and medical sciences to the humanities and social sciences who have been brought together around the Parmaceutical Life Cycle program at GEIRSO (Study Group on Interdisciplinarity and Social representations).


Medications are a major societal issue affecting all spheres of contemporary life. Biological, medical and social-science disciplines must now deal simultaneously with a whole range of questions related to the Parmaceutical Life Cycle from development through consumption. Responding to these questions entails better integration of the disciplines. Researchers and professionals working in the field may have a satisfactory platform for expressing their thoughts in their scientific journals; the online Revue Internationale sur le Médicament (RIM) will provide them with a locus where they can discuss and question broader health matters and issues related to medications that demand a more systemic perspective and an interdisciplinary approach.

The RIM is thus for anyone interested in medications—researchers, students and professionals—whether their background is in biology, medicine or social science, and it welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions on the subject.

Issues will be published annually on the basis of proposals made by researchers and accepted by the scientific and publications committees. The issues may also compile contributions selected by the two committees.


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